Spike’s Giveaway – Three Dog Frisbees UPDATED

22 01 2009

UPDATE: Through a very scientific process requiring multiple rocket scientists, a super computer, and many Red Bulls (collecting the commenters’ names, placing them in a hat, and drawing a winner), @shweetpotato and her Baby are the winners of the three dog frisbees.  Thanks to all who entered.

Since we have had some bearable and playful weather here in Georgia, Mom and I have decided to give away three Frisbees given to us by Iams for some active dogs to play with, some inactive dogs who need the exercise, or someone who wants to start teaching their dogs to play Frisbee.

These are excellent Frisbees.  Tax and I have a set of them, and Tax gets more use out of them now than I do.  They seem to be pretty durable, but they are certainly not to be used as as chew toy.  A picture of the set is below.

Iams Frisbees

To enter the drawing for the giveaway, do the following.

  1. AFTER 6 AM EST tomorrow (Friday, January 23, 2009), but BEFORE 6 PM EST Sunday, January 25, 2009, follow me on Twitter.  If you are already on Twitter, follow me here.  If you are not yet a part of Twitter, you can join here (signing up is easy, free, and only takes a few seconds) and follow me here.
  2. Send me a “reply” on Twitter, introducing yourself with “#spikegift” somewhere in the message.
  3. Leave a comment to this post with your Twitter username as your name.  It is imperative that you provide a valid e-mail address (it will not be displayed, except to the lazy Web guy), so that you can be contacted if you are the winner.

The winner will be chosen at random and announced as an update to this post on Monday.

Past winners include: @shanajean‘s Darcy.

How Do You Calm A Hyper Dog?

8 11 2008

flyballYou should always remember that dogs are pretty much children their whole lives.   Of course, you know that as a puppy, all we know is run, play, jump and be seeking your attention.  I assume that the dogs you are concerned about are over one year of age, and they are still bouncing off the walls as previously described.

Some dogs will always have a very high energy level, and their motors are always revving.  The best thing for these dogs is a very active lifestyle with lots of exercise.  Dogs with this kind of energy REALLY enjoy things like playing frisbee, flyball, agility and some people are now dancing with their dogs!  It does not matter which activity you choose, the goal is to find an outlet for all of that unspent energy. Read the rest of this entry »