Spike’s Mom Says: Don’t Leave Spike In Charge Of Stockings

22 12 2008

No matter how much he begs, or how famous he gets, DO NOT let Spike shop for, design, or hang the stockings.  This year, he thought he was funny, and he did this:


About Those Christmas Presents…

11 12 2008

christmas-treeThe big day is getting closer and everyone is thrilled about Santa, especially Tax. He has been on Santa Watch since December 26th of last year.  Today, I want to talk about a proper Christmas gift.  As you know, I have been tracking gift ideas for your pet over on the right from my Twitter friends.  I am happy to suggest to you some very nice gifts that you may buy for your friends, as well.  An electric pencil sharpener, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, movie tickets, money, Elvis’ Christmas Album, a toaster, some perfume, a clock, a nice picture frame, socks…  I could go on and on.  But, most importantly, I want to tell people about one thing that should never be considered as a gift, a dog or a cat!  We are not gifts, we are family. Read the rest of this entry »

Spike Says: Send Me Your Christmas Present List

5 12 2008

I am building an online shopping list to assist new dog owners with their gift-giving this holiday season for their four-legged friends.  If you Twitter, you can add what you have bought, or are buying, for your dog by sending out a tweet and ending it with the hashtag #dogxmas to be published to my front page on the right side of the page.  If you don’t use Twitter yet, you can also e-mail me.


Spike Says: I Want This For Christmas

4 12 2008

As we often do, Mom and I were playing on the Internet box and we came across this story.  Mom said I should ask Santa for it, but that when I make it big, maybe I can buy one for myself, because even Santa is struggling in these “hard economic times.”  Tax, Molly, and I put it on our lists that we included in our letter to Santa.  Tax has been so bad this year, he’s gonna be lucky if Santa doesn’t dump a whole dump truck of coal on him.  That would be funny, because he would change from a golden Lab to a black Lab if that happened.


Spike Says: Santa Watch 2008 Has Started

3 11 2008

Counting today, there are only 53 more days until Christmas.  I like large bones, rawhide, and money!