Are You Worried About Off Leash Aggression Issues?

18 02 2009

It seems like you have a wonderful dog, you have given him a great home, but when you go out to the off leash dog park, things change, right?  Being off leash is truly a fantastic feeling.  Running around with the wind blowing through your hair as your ears flap in the wind is almost as much fun as riding in the car with our head hanging out of the window.  However, such a fantastic joy as it is, being off leash is ALWAYS a privilege.  This is something that needs to be earned. Read the rest of this entry »

Why is My Dog Acting So Aggressively? How Do I Make It Stop?

17 12 2008
Gizmo & Ginger, Spike, dogs, behavior

Gizmo in the foreground, Ginger in the background

Earlier this month, a reader, Cindy, wrote me about her two dogs, Gizmo and Ginger.  Both of them are rescue dogs, Gizmo joining their family first, with Ginger joining later on as a companion to assist Gizmo’s separation anxiety.  They play well together 95% of the time, only having issues when Ginger’s energy is too much for Gizmo.  The problem Cindy is most concerned with however, is that when they go for a trip to the dog park, Gizmo exhibits some aggressive behavior, growling and mounting other dogs. Read the rest of this entry »

Spike Says: Exercise With Your Dog

25 11 2008

Most Americans do not get enough exercise, and that does not even include their dogs.  Your four-legged buddy needs exercise too.  You may not excel in your own exercise regimen, but you should ensure your dog gets his exercise in.  You can get your exercise while you go for a walk with your dog, getting two treats with one act.  If you are unable to go for a walk with your dog every day that would constitute exercising, make sure that your buddy gets exercise in other ways, like playing ball, tug-of-war, or fetching his toys.  Allow and encourage other people who have a relationship with your dog to play with him as well.  Another great way to get your dog some great exercise, along with some excellent socialization, you can set up play dates with other dogs or make a trip to the nearest dog park.  Taking those extra steps can help to keep your dog healthy for years to come.