Are You Worried About Off Leash Aggression Issues?

18 02 2009

It seems like you have a wonderful dog, you have given him a great home, but when you go out to the off leash dog park, things change, right?  Being off leash is truly a fantastic feeling.  Running around with the wind blowing through your hair as your ears flap in the wind is almost as much fun as riding in the car with our head hanging out of the window.  However, such a fantastic joy as it is, being off leash is ALWAYS a privilege.  This is something that needs to be earned. Read the rest of this entry »

Spike Says: Control Yourself

9 11 2008

If you are in a position where you are looking for your dog after he has run away, upon catching up to him, make sure you do not yell or hit your dog.  If you do, the negative reinforcement following his finally answering your call and coming to you will keep him from answering you in the future, since he will forever be afraid of being punished.