A Letter From a Shelter Manager

23 01 2009

sad-shelter-dogSince I spend a lot of time online (usually looking at I Has A Hotdog or working on this site), I see a lot of dog stories, pictures, and other news.  Yesterday, I came across a letter from the shelter manager in Austin, TX detailing the saddening conditions his or her job entails.  It made me cry to read it, but I know that every word of it is true. Read the rest of this entry »

First Family Will Adopt A Puppy

9 11 2008

Great news from President-elect Barack Obama’s family. Rather than seek out a dog from a breeder, they have decided to adopt a puppy from a shelter. Hopefully, his massive popularity and the Obama family’s newfound role model status will inspire others to follow suit when choosing a family pet. Read the rest of this entry »