Spike Says: Watch Where You Place Their Crate

22 01 2009

Dogs are pack animals, so it is very important when you are placing their crates that you place them close together, if you have multiple dogs.  If you only have one dog, consider placing his crate close to a family member, so that he feels close to a loved one.  Also, you should purchase a CHEAP shower curtain liner to put underneath your their crate.  This will keep any accidents from getting all over your carpet or flooring.


New Puppy Problems

21 01 2009

golden-lab-puppyOver the holidays, many families across America became new and loving homes for puppies.  A friend of November 2008’s addition to my pack was one fo those lucky puppies.  As with all new relationships, there is a period of adjustment, and this post addresses some of the “new puppy issues.”  Specifically, we are going to discuss this Golden Labrador Retriever, but many of the puppy issues pop up regardless of breed.

All of the retriever breeds are born being comfortable with having or carrying something in their mouths.  I am no exception, as I often wander the house with my toy du jour.  We are also notorious chewers, especially as puppies.  Sometimes I spend a whole day just wanting to walk around with something in our mouth. Read the rest of this entry »

Spike Says: Bed Bugs

16 01 2009

I heard that over 5 billion dust mites can be found in the average human bed.  I think I will continue to sleep in my crate!