About Spike

Hello!  I am Spike, and I write Ask Spike Online.  I want to help families understand their pet’s behavior, the psychology behind it, and what they can do to correct unacceptable behavior.  This site is driven by your questions and situations.  I started writing in 2008, but I have been a dog my whole life, helping my mom communicate to other humans what dogs are thinking, both in-person and online.  I base my suggestions on the knowledge I have attained through my experience and the experiences of others in my pack and how it relates to canine psychology.  Occasionally, I have to ask Mom for help.  Prior to starting this, I spent over seven years as a demonstration dog/teacher’s assistant for my mom.  To ask me your questions, please email me at spike@askspikeonline.com.  If you do not have a dog behavior question, please check out the Contact Us page to direct your inquiry to the right place.

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