Spike’s Shelter Dogs – Adopt Your Next Dog Here

15 02 2009

spikes-shelter-dogs-sidebarIf you have not figured it out already, there is a special place in my heart for rescue dogs.  Whether they are adopted from shelters, rescues, or fosters, they are all special friends to me.  For that reason, I decided to use my celebrity to draw attention to the deserving dogs available for adoption.  Initially, we are focusing on shelter dogs local to me in the Atlanta metro area, as well as the state of Georgia, but we plan to expand our reach to a national level.

With interesting and entirely coincidental timing, Mom recently added two puppies to our home temporarily after hearing their story.  We think they are Newfoundland/Lab mixes, and they are very cute, fluffy balls of fur.  They are quite active, playful, and energetic.  Yesterday, I posted a video and some pictures of them, as well as their back story as the first dogs posted on Spike’s Shelter Dogs.

If you are interested in adopting either of these puppies, or any of the dogs listed on Spike’s Shelter Dogs, check out the contact info for each of them.  Also, if you are a shelter, rescue, or foster interested in having an adoptable dog listed on the site, check out the Ask Spike Online Contact Us page.  Something that we are doing differently to help gain attention for these dogs, we are utilizing the social media power of Twitter and Flickr to raise awareness.  To be the first to know about additions to Spike’s Shelter Dogs, follow @shelterdogs on Twitter or become a contact on Flickr.

Feel free to spread the word about my newest project to all you know, especially those who are looking to provide a forever home for a four-legged friend.

Please Help If You Can

19 12 2008

According to a recent TV news report, the Georgia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) is in big trouble. As with many, their trouble has to do with money! The GSPCA is a non-profit organization located in Suwanee, GA, and they receive no local, federal or state funds for their operation. They operate solely from adoption fees and donations.

Please donate generously at georgiaspca.org.

Also in Georgia…

The Pet Zone in Monroe, Georgia is hoping for a Merry Christmas.  The facility is just days away from eviction and may have to send the animals back to the pound to be killed.  They also rely solely on adoption fees and donations, and they currently house eight dogs in need of permanent homes.  They can be contacted at petzonedogs.com


11 11 2008

I can understand a lot of the stupid things that people do, but I just cannot begin to understand why a person would go in someone else’s yard to steal their dog!  Shame on you ladies seen stealing that Yorkie and driving away in your blue SUV in Henry County, Georgia.  And here is a big ole Spike paw slap in your face!


If you have seen this little dog, please contact the Henry County, GA authorities at 770-288-8200.