Why is My Dog Acting So Aggressively? How Do I Make It Stop?

17 12 2008
Gizmo & Ginger, Spike, dogs, behavior

Gizmo in the foreground, Ginger in the background

Earlier this month, a reader, Cindy, wrote me about her two dogs, Gizmo and Ginger.  Both of them are rescue dogs, Gizmo joining their family first, with Ginger joining later on as a companion to assist Gizmo’s separation anxiety.  They play well together 95% of the time, only having issues when Ginger’s energy is too much for Gizmo.  The problem Cindy is most concerned with however, is that when they go for a trip to the dog park, Gizmo exhibits some aggressive behavior, growling and mounting other dogs. Read the rest of this entry »