Got A Puppy?

cute-puppy-picA puppy’s arrival in their new home brings about a lot of questions.  New family additions means lots of questions, so I have compiled the articles written about the trials and tribulations of puppyhood.  Do not think that they are just for the four-legged fans of Ask Spike Online, because they will be able to assist our loving families raise us to be good petizens.  If you have any questions about making your new puppy a better petizen, please feel free to ask me.

Why Should I Adopt A Dog, When I Could Just Buy One From A Breeder?

While not directly puppy-related, for families who are looking at a four-legged addition, this article discusses the options available to you when “shopping” for a dog.  Throughout the United States, there are at least a quarter million deserving dogs at any given time in shelters, rescues, foster homes, and pounds looking for a home.

More Reason To Adopt From A Rescue Or Shelter

If the article above was not enough to convince you to adopt a “shelter dog,” recently Petland was subject to an investigation led by the Humane Society of the United States over their use of puppy mills to provide the animals they sell.  The video in this article is a heartbreaker.

sad-shelter-dogA Letter From a Shelter Manager

A tear-jerking letter written by the manager of an animal shelter in Austin, TX detailing their job and the sobering sorrow it entails.  Grab the handkerchiefs and Kleenex before you click the link.

About Those Christmas Presents…

For anyone considering giving a puppy (or other animal) as a Christmas, birthday, or everyday gift, give this article a read to consider the costs and responsibilities of your gift, and whether or not that is fair to the recipient AND the puppy.

How Old Should A Puppy Be Before It Leaves The Litter?

With puppy mill breeders looking to reduce costs and increase revenues, they are selling off the puppies earlier and earlier.  Their concern is more about the money that the health and well-being of the puppies they sell.  By selling them a couple weeks earlier, they are cheating both the puppy and the future parents of some needed training time spent with the doggie moms.

Spike Says: Vaccination Schedule

For families with young puppies, there are many trips to the veterinarian to keep them healthy involved.  This is a schedule of vaccinations to assist those families manage their calendars to meet their needs.

New Puppy Problems

golden-lab-puppyChewing, teething, boredom, rope toys, Kongs, crates, nipping/biting, socialization, and cats are all topics covered in this article.  Solutions for many common puppy issues are covered in this article, specifically the ones asked by a friend of our November addition to Spike’s Pack, Lucy Suiter.  It is by no means a definite list, but it certainly addresses a lot of common “puppy problems.”

Spike’s Guide to Potty Training

Every dog needs to be potty trained, and this is how any dog in my pack learns.  I highly recommend reading it step by step if you have a puppy in need of the info.  This is probably one of the most intensive training in a young puppy’s life.

Why Does My Puppy Pee When She Sees Me?

Since submissive urination is NOT exclusively a potty training issue, this piece explains why it happens, and what can be done to keep it from happening with your puppy.

My Dog Will Not Go Outside My Home. HELP!?!?

Since puppies need to go outside to utilize my potty training guide, getting them outside of your home is key.  If you have a puppy that will not go out, this can help you correct that behavior.

Potty Training

Though my potty training guide is listed above, potty training issues are consistently the most frequently asked questions for families with new puppies.  This page details many articles with potty training issues that I have covered so far.

Say My Name – The Importance of a Dog’s Name

During puppyhood, it is very important to associate a dog with his or her name.  Think about how different your life would be without the moniker you identify yourself with.

Got questions about PICA?

PICA is a disorder where dogs have an appetite for non-nutritive objects.  Many puppies suffer from this condition, but it is possible to modify their behavior to eliminate it.  This article has some suggestions to help that occur.

My Dog Is Mounting My Cat. What Do I Do Now?

During “puppy puberty,” dogs can begin to challenge the authority of the alpha, and we all know that the human is the ultimate alpha.  Actions like improper mounting behavior are the challenge they have chosen.

Spike Says: Dog Maturity At 1 Year

Keep in mind that the physical development in the first year of a dog’s life is similar to the first fifteen years of a human’s life.

Pug on white backgroundWhat Can I Expect From a Pug?

For families considering adopting or buying a Pug, this article details some issues, benefits, and conditions to expect during a pug’s life.

What Can I Expect From A Westie?

Like the pug article, this article details the issues, benefits, and conditions one should expect when adopting or buying a Westie.

Are You A Retriever Person?

With the popularity of both the book and movie, “Marley & Me,” I decided to write about what it takes to truly be a “retriever person” for anyone one the fence of a decision dog_food_250x251about adopting or buying one.

Spike Says: To Change Your Dog’s Food, Do It Gradually

When your puppy graduates to an adult food, this “Spike Says” provides some suggestions on how to do this successfully without upsetting your dog’s routine.

How Do You Calm A Hyper Dog?

Nearly all puppies are hyper, and no matter what you do, that hyperactivity is unrelenting.  If your dog emerges from puppyhood continuing this hyperactivity, this article provides some direction on mellowing them out.

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