Potty Training

One of the most common questions from humans (and sometimes, dogs) is about ensuring that their dog is potty-trained, crate-trained, housebroken, etc.  We have compiled the issues we have covered thus far, and we will add to it as we cover reader questions about their potty-training adventures.  Whether you are new to dogs, have a new puppy in need of training, or your previously “house-broken” dog has started missing his or her appointments with their potty spot, we have many answers.  If you have a new puppy, try our Puppies page for more behavior and training information specific to puppies.

If you have a potty training question we do not cover it in the articles below, please contact me.

poop-scoop-dogSpike’s Guide to Potty Training

This is ideal for new dog parents, families with a new puppy, families in need of full potty training for their dog, or even as a refresher for the already “potty trained” dog who has recently been having “accidents” in the house.  Read more

Spike Says: Baking Soda Trick

This short “Spike Says” gives you a peak at a trick to clean up pee accidents (before your dog is COMPLETELY potty-trained) to save your carpet AND keep the spot from being associated with an inside “potty spot.”  Read more

Why Does My Puppy Pee When She Sees Me?

“Submissive urination” is quite common among puppies, especially the more excitable and energetic breeds, because EVERYTHING is exciting, especially getting to spend time with their new family.  Read more

snow-dogsWhy Will My Dog Not Poop Outside In The Snow?

During the winter, snow presents quite a problem for humans and dogs alike.  When this foreign, cold, white, wet stuff covers the ground and blocks smells dogs use in our daily routines for days or weeks or months at a time, it totally blows our minds.  Read more

Potty Training Problems

Even the smartest dogs may need some extra attention or help with the concepts and actions of potty training.  This can be very common in situations where there is an older dog as a part of the family, who has established a routine for himself and the rest of the family.  Read more

Why Is My Potty-Trained Dog Marking Territory In My House Now?

Marking territory is a behavioral act moreso than a physical need, and sometimes, especially with intact male dogs, the instinctual desire to mark territory can overcome the best training, as these dogs question the leadership of the pack’s “alpha.”  Read more

My Dog Will Not Go Outside My Home. HELP!?!?

There comes a time in every dog’s life that they will feel scared for no good reason, like this puppy who does not want to be outside, which drastically impairs the family’s ability to potty train him.  Read more

Westie PuppyHow Old Should A Puppy Be Before It Leaves The Litter?

Though not directly related to the actual training and behavior modifying of potty training, part of a puppy’s earliest days are spent with their mother, who lays the foundation upon which potty training is based.  Read more

12 responses

9 02 2009

I would LOVE to find some articles on how to train your dog to poop only in the dog pen, our dog has a BIG ol dog pen (we used to have 3 dogs now just one) but she likes to poop ALL over the yard, I cant even go out there anymore 😦 hubby says you cant train a dog to poop only in the pen, I say he is just being lazy lol, what are your thoughts? Carmen Gonzales

13 02 2009

Other than the “lazy husband” and the dog pen, how is Baby doing? Having a good time with the frisbees?

Back to the “pooping pen,” training her to only poop in one area will take a lot of effort. The first thing will be to “poop scoop” the minefield that your yard has become. I talked a little about how important it is for Baby, or any dog, to pick the spot that she likes here. How enclosed is Baby’s pen? How movable is it?

19 02 2009
Sandy Weaver Carman

Spike, thanks for all the great info! Those articles are full of fabulous advice. I have a question about Baby and the pen…does Baby spend most of her days in the pen, just getting out for exercise and when the family is home from work? If so, that might be why she won’t poop in there…that’s her HOUSE!! She’s trained herself to not go there. Can’t say I blame her…I’d call her pretty smart.

26 02 2009
Spike’s Guide to Potty Training « Ask Spike Online

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26 02 2009
Spike Says: Baking Soda Trick « Ask Spike Online

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26 02 2009
Why Does My Puppy Pee When She Sees Me? « Ask Spike Online

[…] Potty Training […]

26 02 2009
26 02 2009
Potty Training Problems « Ask Spike Online

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26 02 2009
26 02 2009
26 02 2009
12 03 2009
Furry Friends Rescue Blog » Blog Archive » Housebreaking Your Dog

[…] If you want some more information, check out the FFR Behavior/Training Page and Ask Spike Online has some great potty resource pages! […]

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