Spike Says: Check Out My Potty Training Info Page

6 02 2009

If you have not noticed already, there is now a page of helpful information just below the header wedged between the pages for Spike’s Pack and the Reader Photo Gallery that contains some helpful information for those of you in need of potty training help.  If you do not want to scan for it, check out this link instead.


My Dog Will Not Go Outside My Home. HELP!?!?

3 02 2009

Last week, I received an e-mail from a reader that had just adopted a pit bull puppy, but she and her son were having the problems described here:

We have a pit bull puppy who refuses to go outside. We have to drag him on a walk. Then, if we stop, he turns and runs back to our apartment. He knows the way from wherever we go. He was potty trained when we got him, but that is fading fast, because he won’t go outside.

pit-bull-puppyThe first thing I have to say is “Congratulations” on the expansion of your family, and I wish to extend a special thank you for choosing to have a dog of that breed.  I have always said that pit bulls are not born bad, they are just raised that way.

Unfortunately, there was no age specification about this puppy, so I will have to do some guessing.  Keep in mind that young puppies do not know what a leash is.  Read the rest of this entry »

Potty Training Problems

27 01 2009

border-collie-puppy-with-bunnyRecently, a year-old border collie named Suki contacted me about some problems she is having with her people and some things they are expecting from her in the potty department.  She is in step with my potty training guide, and she even likes to sing along with the song, but things just are not clicking yet.

I was shocked that there was a border collie with any problems.  I thought their only problems revolved around not being able to operate cars, get a job, or perform brain surgery.  It seems that they have mastered everything else.  To Suki’s human, I seriously doubt that there is anything mentally wrong with your dog, but one thing does come to mind. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Will My Dog Not Poop Outside In The Snow?

8 01 2009

snow-dogsWith winter upon us, I fully expected this question to come from my readers.  In fact, I expected it earlier than I received it.  This is a story all too familiar to me.  When I was about 10 months old, Mom opened the curtains one day when it was time to go out, and there was this white stuff all over my yard.  When she opened the door and said, “Get busy.”  I had walked out onto the patio, and I turned back to look at my mom.  Where exactly did she intend for me to get busy? Read the rest of this entry »

Why Does My Puppy Pee When She Sees Me?

22 12 2008

agility-springer-of-the-yearEarlier this month, a reader e-mailed me about a problem she was having with her Springer Spaniel puppy.  Basically, anytime her puppy saw her, she would get so excited that she could not contain herself, and she would pee wherever she stood, sat, etc.  This seems like a pretty cut and dry case of submissive urination, but there are some steps we need to take to rule out other potential issues.

Submissive urination is a problem common to a lot of puppies, especially the exceptionally energetic ones.  This problem occurs when your pup is just so happy to see you, she simply releases her urine.  My first suggestion in this situation is to rule out any physical problems.  Read the rest of this entry »