How Do I Stop My Dogs From Fighting?

18 01 2009

dogs-friendsA reader from Canada sent me an e-mail asking for help with his two Yorkshire Terriers, who have begun fighting recently.  Both dogs are intact males, and the reader figured out the first step to addressing the problem on his own.  Even with one intact male dog, there is a lot of testosterone in the room, but TWO?!

If you are not planning to have either dog “stud” to make more little Yorkies, then it is imperative that you have both of them neutered as soon as possible.  Read the rest of this entry »

Spike’s Pack, November 2008 – Lucy Suiter

7 11 2008


November 2008’s addition to Spike’s Pack is a Yorkshire Terrier, Lucy Suiter.  Lucy lives in Atlanta, Georgia and she is loved by Amy and Corey Suiter, her parents.  Lucy is an adorable, prissy little girl, and her sweet face gets her out of trouble most of the time!  She likes mischief, and she truly is the boss of the house.  Nine times out of ten, you can find her pulling the toilet paper off of the roll, or hiding “little treasures” under the bed and sofa.

She likes to sleep, play hide and seek, play with her “brother-in-law” Bailey the Schnoodle, visit her grandparents in Brunswick to play with her brothers Sam and Nemo (kitties), de-stuff toys, eat treats, and sneak food from the table.