Spike Says: Cook Your Dog Dinner

24 01 2009

For a special treat for your dog (maybe as a reward for a trip to the vet or his birthday), make the effort to prepare a meal for your dog that does not consist of dog food being bowled into their bowl.  Take a look at these tips for making homemade dog food.

Waiter Tray

What Can I Do About My Dog’s Coprophagia (Poop Eating)?

19 01 2009

dog-poopAs I may have mentioned, I got a new dictionary for Christmas.  I have been spending a lot of time looking up words in it.  When I looked up “coprophagia,” it was not in my new Webster’s.  I am guessing that they did not include the word, because is refers to eating poop, and humans do not typically suffer from this malady. In fact, humans that do suffer from this are probably taken away very quickly, never to see poop again! Read the rest of this entry »

I Think My Dog Is Fear Aggressive. How Do I Know?

12 01 2009

gang-chillingA longtime dog owner wrote me recently, inquiring about a possible fear aggression issue with her pet.  Fear aggression is a scary issue to deal with, because when it does present, the provocation is typically an everyday action.  Before pursuing any behavioral or training issue, the first thing necessary is to take your dog to his vet.  It is especially important that you go to YOUR vet, as the long-term relationship will help him diagnose any issue.  Your dog needs a clean bill of health from his Doc to see if there is anything physically wrong with him before you attempt to change his behavior.  We are unable to tell you when we are in pain, so getting the vet involved is imperative. Read the rest of this entry »

Spike Says: Line Up Your Emergency Vet Now

7 01 2009

Before you find yourself in need of an emergency vet or animal hospital, take this opportunity to research the closest one to your home, as well as inquiring with your vet as to whom he or she recommends.  Having this information handy should you need it will save you essential time when it comes to emergency vet services for your pet.  Those extra minutes you would have spent searching could mean a major difference.