Spike Says: Second Hand Smoke Kills Us Too

26 02 2009

For years, humans have known that smoking is bad for them.  They have known that secondhand smoke is bad for humans that do not smoke.  This also applies to your four-legged friends.  In fact, they can be more at risk for cancers due to secondhand smoke than humans exposed to the same risk.  In fact, it is a “triple threat” for canines and felines that live in a smoker’s home.

The significant health threat secondhand smoke poses to pets is through oral cancer and lymphoma in cats, lung and nasal cancer in dogs, as well as lung cancer in birds.  There is also a strong correlation between secondhand smoke and certain forms of cancer in cats. There are higher incidents of mouth cancer in cats living with smokers over cats living in a non-smoker’s home. Dogs living in a home with secondhand smoke have a higher risk of nasal tumors. This increase was specifically found among long nosed breeds (like me, Golden Retrievers).  Dogs with medium or short noses did not escape, as they showed higher rates for lung cancer!  Typically, dogs affected with nasal cancer do not survive more than one year.

Be aware that animals may also pick up discarded butts off the ground and ingest them. This creates a problem with nicotine poisoning, which can be fatal.

Smoking is also a very costly habit.  Do you know how many homeless animals could be fed in one year if just one person quit and gave their savings to a shelter or a rescue?


Spike Says: Dogs in Movies

20 01 2009

As you may have noticed, I like to watch television and watch movies.  I have some favorites, including that actor, Will Smith.  Mom and I sat down recently to watch that movie “I Am Legend”.  In the first few minutes, I knew what was going to happen, as soon as I saw the dog.  Unless he is the main character or the movie is about him, he will be killed off 100% of the time.

So Hollywood, surprise me.  Introduce a dog in the first minutes of a feature film and do not kill him off!


How Do I Stop My Dog’s Digging?

12 12 2008

dog-diggingRecently, one of my friends “across the pond” sent me a question about her dog, and his affinity for digging in many spots inside the house, including her couch and her bed.  During a trip to the vet, their discussion led to no resolution other than a healthy dog.  This is where I come in.

Is your dog an unhappy one?  Heck no.  He sure is awful grateful for all the cool areas to dig in.  This goes back to the denning nature of being a dog.  My brother, Tax, digs a lot, too.  He is a digging fool.  In fact, when mom gives him a new blanket, he takes it into his crate and spreads it out like a carpet.  What a weird dog! Read the rest of this entry »

About Those Christmas Presents…

11 12 2008

christmas-treeThe big day is getting closer and everyone is thrilled about Santa, especially Tax. He has been on Santa Watch since December 26th of last year.  Today, I want to talk about a proper Christmas gift.  As you know, I have been tracking gift ideas for your pet over on the right from my Twitter friends.  I am happy to suggest to you some very nice gifts that you may buy for your friends, as well.  An electric pencil sharpener, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, movie tickets, money, Elvis’ Christmas Album, a toaster, some perfume, a clock, a nice picture frame, socks…  I could go on and on.  But, most importantly, I want to tell people about one thing that should never be considered as a gift, a dog or a cat!  We are not gifts, we are family. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick Guide To Reading Dog Body Language

6 12 2008

Dominance Aggression:
Hackles will be raised, teeth barred, tail may be up or back, body & legs stiffen, lips are drawn back, growling, eyes fixed on target.

Fear Aggression:
Body and head lowered, ears are back close to the head, tail is down or may be tucked between the legs, growling, lips are drawn back, teeth barred, hackles raised, nose wrinkled.

Read the rest of this entry »