Top 5

Everyone has a Top 5, and the articles listed below are the Top 5 most popular posts here at Ask Spike Online.

Murphey’s Story

beaten-dog-tv-imageIn early December 2008, a dog was found beaten in a park in metro Atlanta.  Murphey was beaten with a hammer and left for dead by his former owner, Joseph Waters.  He was rescued by Robert Kennedy, who has adopted him since the ordeal.  For the Peach Bowl Parade on December 31st, he led it as the grand marshal after a swift recovery.

Butt Dragging 101

Since this topic is not something that most humans do, I felt it was important to relate why we do it.

How Old Should A Puppy Be Before It Leaves The Litter?

Since mothers have such a strong impact on the rearing of puppies and their development, I discuss the importance of the first several weeks of puppyhood.

How Can I Keep My Dog From Jumping On People?

One of the most popular issues that people ask me about (aside from potty training) is how they can stop their dog from jumping on them, as well as visitors to their home.

Quick Guide to Reading Dog Body Language

play-bowThis article is a listing of dog behavior and the body language that usually accompanies it.

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