How Do You Calm A Hyper Dog?

8 11 2008

flyballYou should always remember that dogs are pretty much children their whole lives.   Of course, you know that as a puppy, all we know is run, play, jump and be seeking your attention.  I assume that the dogs you are concerned about are over one year of age, and they are still bouncing off the walls as previously described.

Some dogs will always have a very high energy level, and their motors are always revving.  The best thing for these dogs is a very active lifestyle with lots of exercise.  Dogs with this kind of energy REALLY enjoy things like playing frisbee, flyball, agility and some people are now dancing with their dogs!  It does not matter which activity you choose, the goal is to find an outlet for all of that unspent energy.

There are many times, however, that people are the cause of their hyper dog.  When people come home from work, and they greet their dog with a high-pitch playful tone, they get their dogs motor all revved up for play in no time.  Then when the play starts getting too long or rough, people will tire, and they will say SIT.  At that point, it is too late then to slow down the momentum that has been built.

To help with this, a strong training base and knowledge about who is in charge is key.  Take the time to teach your dog about pack leaders.  He needs to know that humans are ALWAYS the pack leader, and they will let us know when it is time to play, and when it is time to stop.  As I have said, you can not train what you can not control.

While playing with your dog, if place a leash on your him, all you need to do is step on that leash to stop playtime.  Also, you will need to stop talking to your dog, ignore him.  The lack of attention will halt their desire to play.  Once your dog learns that a human will not pay him any attention until he is calm, he is more likely to cut out any foolishness.  Dogs always repeat behavior that will get attention, and if you are giving that attention, even yelling at your dog or pushing him away while he is bouncing off the walls, he is going to keep bouncing off the walls.

It is difficult to ignore a hyper dog when you are both inside.  This is a shining example of why you should never play any sort of game with a lot of action while inside.  Those games are strictly for outside play.  We do not know the difference between inside and out, but humans do.  Prevent your children from playing chase with your dog in the house.  If your children and dog are going to play chase outside, be sure that the kids can take it when they get caught.

My brother, Tax, is a ball-chasing fool.  I think that he even dreams about chasing them.  When he was younger and out of control, Mom would throw a tennis ball on the roof of our house, and Tax had to run around trying to figure out where it was going to come down.  Usually it came down on the other side of the house, so he would chase the ball down, and he would bring it back to Mom.  She would then throw it on the roof again, and he would chase it down again.  They could play this game for hours, and Tax would never get tired of chasing that stupid ball. What a fool!

Do not forget that learning takes time, patience, and repetition.  You can not do something one time and expect it to work immediately.  You will be stepping on the leash and ignoring a lot before your dog knows when to stop playing on his own.



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