Why Does My New Puppy Pee When She Gets Excited?

5 12 2008

excited-puppyOver the holiday weekend, I was asked via e-mail about an issue that someone was having with their fairly young puppy.  Anytime they walked into a room, the puppy would get so excited by it, she would pee, no matter where they were.

They hit the nail on the head when they recognized that it was due to her excitability factor.  Puppies think that everything is GREAT!  They are always discovering new things, re-discovering things, and getting into things as they look to discover new things.  Remember, they are still canines, even though they are usually small and very cute.

As we have discussed before, canines love attention, even bad attention.  Of course, when you come into their line of sight, she just sort of loses it!  At the age described, a puppy does not have the ability to control her bladder.  She is also not good at multi-tasking, as most dogs must learn as they age and receive training.  She simply cannot love you by showing her happiness and control her bladder at the same time.  This usually passes as the puppy ages.  To help you in the present, make sure that when you walk into a room, that you do not get her all excited by talking in that little baby (puppy) voice.  Do not attempt to play with her immediately.  Give her a few moments to calm down from the excitement of your presence.  Then, you can address her and pay attention.

This is common among puppies of all breeds, and it should improve as your puppy ages.  If you are successful in potty training her and these problems still exist, have your vet take a look at her.  If the vet says that there is nothing physically wrong with her, then you must make every effort not get him excited or play with him until he is calm.  Remember, your attitude and actions influence their attitude and actions.



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