Weighing In On The First Dog

5 03 2009

Anyone that wants to give a dog a GOOD home must be great people, but deciding on a type of dog to join your family can be a big decision.  I am happy to see that the Obamas are doing their homework to find the right dog, weighing every option.  Adding a dog to your family is a big responsibility, and if anyone out there is thinking about running out and getting the same dog as the first family, you need reconsider why you want a dog.

The predictors out there have been pointing to a Portugese Water Dog strongly, but I hear there is still some consideration of a Labradoodle.  Either way, the First Lady has indicated that they will be rescuing their choice from one of the more than 250,000 deserving dogs needing a home currently residing in a shelter, rescue or foster home.  As I am sure you expected, this is a choice I strongly support.  Being a rescue dog myself, I wish everyone would find their four-legged family members from the same place.




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Why Did Barney Bite The Reporter?

10 11 2008

I guess the reporter that was bitten by President Bush’s Scottish Terrier, Barney, does not own a dog.   One of the things that I preach constantly is that a human should never reach over the head of a dog right away, in order to pet it.  We do not like that.  Once we lose sight of that hand, we do not know where it is going or what the person intends to do with it.  In the cases of some dogs, especially with strangers, their first reaction is to bite, and be sorry about it later. Read the rest of this entry »