Spike Says: My New Year’s Resolutions

2 01 2009

Today, I heard all kinds of people talk about their “resolutions” on TV.  I asked Mom what those were, and she said they were the promises that people make to themselves about the things they want to do improve their lives and those they affect.  I decided that it seems like a good idea, and I want to participate.  So, here are my resolutions for 2009:

  • I resolve to help homeless animals by supporting rescue groups through my website, my network and Mom’s money.
  • I will voice my support for any legislation that is for the betterment of my fellow animals.
  • I will not tell Santa bad things about Tax in my letter this year.
  • I will not bark at cats. Oops… I will only bark that one time at cats. Maybe, I should wait till next year to tackle something so tough.

You know these resolution things are pretty hard to think of when you are as close to perfect as I am!


Spike Says: I Want This For Christmas

4 12 2008

As we often do, Mom and I were playing on the Internet box and we came across this story.  Mom said I should ask Santa for it, but that when I make it big, maybe I can buy one for myself, because even Santa is struggling in these “hard economic times.”  Tax, Molly, and I put it on our lists that we included in our letter to Santa.  Tax has been so bad this year, he’s gonna be lucky if Santa doesn’t dump a whole dump truck of coal on him.  That would be funny, because he would change from a golden Lab to a black Lab if that happened.