Spike Says: To Change Your Dog’s Food, Do It Gradually

30 01 2009

Outside of dire circumstances, like the current peanut butter/salmonella issue or the dog food of Chinese production of a year or two ago, you should not change your dog’s food immediately from one type or brand to another.  A perfect example of when this tactic will come in handy is the transition from puppy food to adult food.  When you have about three day’s worth of the old food left, mix a small amount of the new food with the old food at your dog’s next feeding.  Over the course of the next week or so, gradually increase the amount of the new food as you decrease the amount of old food.

Though many dog foods are similar, you do not want to shock your dog’s system with an immediate and drastic change from one food to another.  Trust me, both you and your dog will appreciate the extra care you take to transition from one food to another.