A Letter From a Shelter Manager

23 01 2009

sad-shelter-dogSince I spend a lot of time online (usually looking at I Has A Hotdog or working on this site), I see a lot of dog stories, pictures, and other news.  Yesterday, I came across a letter from the shelter manager in Austin, TX detailing the saddening conditions his or her job entails.  It made me cry to read it, but I know that every word of it is true. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Should I Adopt A Dog, When I Could Just Buy One From A Breeder?

12 11 2008

sad-pound-puppyLife is a precious thing.  No one understands this more than a dog who is facing his last few days on earth, simply because no one wants to give him a home.  Believe it or not, I was once facing such a situation.  My doggie mom, Autumn, used to “cruise the neighborhood,” and one day, BAM! there I was.  Not just me, but a litter full of my brothers and sisters.  Of the bunch, I was the only one that looked like my doggie mom.  All of my brothers and sisters looked a lot like Rottweilers.  Somebody made the suggestion that we should all be hit in the head and killed, just because we were not “purebred Golden Retrievers.” Lucky for me, that is when my Mom stepped in, and she moved us to tiny wet room they called a “shower.”  As we grew up, Mom found homes for my brothers and sisters.  There must be something special about me, since I stayed.  I came from such humble beginnings, and look at me today! Read the rest of this entry »