Say My Name – The Importance of a Dog’s Name

30 10 2008

Names are very important to all domesticated animals.  Some people spend a lot of time thinking of names.  My doggy mom’s name was Sunny’s Autumn Uno, Autumn for short.  Why?  Because her mother’s name was Sunny and my doggy mom was born in the autumn and she was the only puppy born.  Uno is Spanish for one.

Tax is my brother and best friend, and he got his name because he came to live with us on April 15th.  For some reason, humans have to pay the government taxes.  My human mom said that this is Tax Day, so he was ended up with the name Tax.

Once you give a dog a name, you should use that name every time you talk to him.  I know that sometimes dogs can be stubborn and not listen.   People get irritated with us at this point and begin to call us every name they can think of.  Some of those names are not very nice.

Please do not refer to your dog as “Hey”, “Hey you”, “Stupid”, “Dumb dog”, “Stupid dog”, “Jesus Christ” unless his name really is one of these.  One should hope not.

When you have decided on the everyday name for a dog, you should practice that name until he knows it.  Take a treat and hold it in front of his face.  Say his name while bringing the treat closer to your own face.  Sometimes, people will add the word “watch” or “look”.  Now give him the treat!  Continue to practice for a few days and he will learn to look at you when you call his name.  Make sure you use the name you plan on calling him, without not all those with the dirty words attached.

One dog I knew was called P.A.  This is what we called him most of the time because mom said that we should not call him by his registered name, “Piss Ant,” in public.  He got his name because of his affinity for getting in trouble when he was a puppy.  He was ALWAYS in trouble.  Apparently, his doggy mom had not given him any home training.  Mom would correct him and call him, “You little Piss Ant.”  When she decided that he would stay, rather than be adopted out, he needed a permanent name.  Mom decided that since he was black all over, she would name him “Midnight.”  I do not think he go the memo abour Midnight, because he wouldn’t answer to anything but “Piss Ant.”  Lucky for us, he finally learned that P.A. was a nickname for him.  Somebody called AKC would not let Mom officially name him Piss Ant, so his legal name on their papers was P.A. Pom.  Legal names are the ones that are given to dogs who actually know who their daddy is.  I guess the AKC is the place that keeps all the legal names and who was the daddy to whom.

I called him THE PISS ANT, because he was the alpha dog when I arrived, and he stayed the alpha until I could not find him anymore.  Mom said that he went to doggy heaven.  That’s when I became the HDIC (Head Dog In Charge).

All of that being said, you should be very careful with the words you use around your dog.  He just might think that one of them is his name, like P.A. did.