Why Is My Potty-Trained Dog Marking Territory In My House Now?

8 12 2008

marking-territoryRecently, a reader sent me a question about his three year old Silky Terrier who is potty-trained, but he has recently been peeing in “key spots” marking his territory throughout the house. He asked for my help, and I think we have things figured out.

Believe it or not, the hardest dog “get” potty training is the Yorkshire Terrier, which is a close relative of the Silky. However, I do not believe that potty training is the issue here. I have a few questions which may lead you to your answer to the “Why?” question.

First, is your dog neutered?
Second, do you have any other dogs in the house?
If not, have other dogs been visiting your house? Read the rest of this entry »