Check Out The Fence Built For Jesse

22 03 2009

Recently, February’s addition to Spike’s Pack, Jesse, had a fence built for him by his Dad, who documented the process with a photoblog of the events over at the Trukindog’s Den.

The following pictures from top to bottom are my fence project to give Jesse a large play & exercise
Pic. 1 The beginning
Pics. 2, 3 & 4 The base trench is dug & the gate & center posts are set & waiting for the concrete to dry.
Pic. 5 The gate latch/fence end post is set & concrete drying, the gate is hung & waiting for height adjustment
Pic. 6 The Boss/Jesse inspecting my work.
Pic. 7 The first section of fence is up & secure.
Pic. 8 The second section of fence is up & secure.
Pics. 9 & 10 The job is done !

Now Jesse has a big safe place to play & exercise.

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