Are You A Retriever Person?

9 01 2009

With “Marley and Me” continuing its romp through the box office, I thought this would be a good time to discuss the retriever breeds.  Not everyone is a “Retriever Person.”

marley-and-meFirst, I want to give a little background on what good salespuppies retrievers can be.  One time, Mom told me a story about this man who was trying to sell an old car.  He had a “FOR SALE” sign with his phone number on the car, but no one ever walked over or called to take a look at it.  Undeterred, he had a stroke of genius to drive traffic!  My doggie mom, Autumn, had recently had a litter of puppies.  There were eight of them and of course, like all retriever pups, they were beautiful and wonderfully cute.  The man took some pictures of the puppies he borrowed, and he put the pictures all over his old car, and he placed an ad in the local car classified with a picture of one of the puppies in the driver’s seat.  The pictures of the pups brought much needed attention to his car, and he made the sale at the asking price within days.  It is true that retrievers can sell just about anything. Read the rest of this entry »