Butt Dragging 101

26 11 2008

Every dog has something called anal sacs or anal glands located at the five and seven o’clock position inside the anus. These are sometimes referred to as “scent glands.”  To a dog, every other dog on the planet has scent glands with a different smell.  This is why we smell each other’s butt when we meet, rather than shake hands.  This is how we identify each other.  We also use these glands to mark territory or to signify a scary event, like when humans poop their pants in fright.  To a human, the fluid secreted from the anal glands has quite a different smell.  Mom says it REALLY, REALLY STINKS!!

When a dog does a Big Busy, or poop if you have not read my guide to potty training, it should cause some pressure on the anal sacs and empty them. Sometimes this does not happen, and it may cause the anal glands to become impacted.  When you go to the groomer, they may be able to assist in expressing the fluid built up as a part of your dog’s bath. Read the rest of this entry »