Spike Says: Introduce Your Dog

18 11 2008

For many dogs, the social aspect of their lives is ignored, even though dogs are very social creatures.  I like to meet new dogs and new people all of the time.


Spike Says: Some Home-Cooked Alternative Food For Dogs

17 11 2008

There are times when your pet may have some digestive issues and commercial dog foods may irritate their bowels as they fight off the issues.  If you find that your pet is in need of some alternate food, try some of the following:

  • Ground turkey, ground chicken, and meat from chicken wings and thighs (NO BONES)
  • Brown or unbleached rice
  • Vegetables like carrots, corn, peas, and squash (make sure you cut them into small, bite-size pieces)
  • Oatmeal

The key is to prepare these items as blandly as possible.