Live Chat With Spike!

7 03 2009

UPDATE: Thanks to all who joined me in the chat tonight.  I look forward to doing it again.

This Thursday at 9 PM EST, I will be hosting a live chat for you to ask me your dog behavior questions.  I am using a neat service called TinyChat.  For those of you that have dog behavior questions, but you have not yet submitted them to me, now is your chance to do it without the delay necessary for me to write an entire article addressing your question.  Please note: I may use the situations from the chat to help other families struggling with similar issues.

To participate in the chat, check back HERE at 8:50 PM on Thursday, March 12 to get the link for the chat.  Click it and join in.  It really is that easy.  My friends that use Twitter will see a tweet in my stream at 8:50 PM as well, with a link to the chat.

If you have an in-depth or uncommon question for me, please send me a short e-mail ahead of time describing the issue, so I can fully develop my suggestions to you.  My paw pals, their families, and other interested parties are all welcome to join.  I intend for the chat to last until 10 PM, but I am happy to extend it if necessary.




2 responses

7 03 2009

WoooHooo Spike!
A live bark session sound great. I’ll have to get you a list of questions about Zoie and her ‘bad behavior’. She just has all those puppy problems like, gobbling food and not knowing when to stop playing to ruff (she thinks biting the people is playing and they don’t).

I’ll see ya in the bark room!

7 03 2009


The good news is that I will be covering the “ruff” play first. Someone already e-mailed me that question. I do have an article that covers it already though, if you wanna print out a copy and give it to her and her family. A friend of November’s pack addition had a slew of new puppy issues, and we covered them all here. Take a look there and see if that helps.

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