Potty Training Problems

27 01 2009

border-collie-puppy-with-bunnyRecently, a year-old border collie named Suki contacted me about some problems she is having with her people and some things they are expecting from her in the potty department.  She is in step with my potty training guide, and she even likes to sing along with the song, but things just are not clicking yet.

I was shocked that there was a border collie with any problems.  I thought their only problems revolved around not being able to operate cars, get a job, or perform brain surgery.  It seems that they have mastered everything else.  To Suki’s human, I seriously doubt that there is anything mentally wrong with your dog, but one thing does come to mind.

Suki told me that the potty spot is “used” by the Golden, and that it has been used as a potty spot for about seven years.  While Suki’s family may pick up the feces, guess who knows that this is not exactly the cleanest place on the planet?  That is right…  Suki knows.  Even though it is a great spot for Suki’s sibling, she finds it to be somewhat inadequate.  To her humans, it looks clean and may even smell clean, but to a dog is it not.

I discussed human restroom activities with Mom a little today, and I asked her if, as a human, when she encounters a public restroom and the last person to occupy the throne did not flush the toilet, if one just sits down anyway?  She said no.  There is usually a flush first.

I think this is the message that Suki wants me to share with her people.  She is not overly impressed with a used toilet, let alone one that is worn out after seven years of use!  She wants a new “busy” place, maybe even a private “busy”place from her sibling.

Note to Suki’s family: Make sure that when you designate the place, that you are using a command word(s) to potty.  Mom likes “Get Busy!”  This way, she will associate the action with the place, as well as with the command word(s).  If you got on a trip, move, or find that you need to change the potty place, there will not be any problems.  The command word(s) will guide her toward what you want her to do.

Until you find the right potty place, continue to potty train as described in my potty training article.  If you are not using the guide, you better get started soon.  It is like we are hard-wired with that process in mind.  Mom says that Border Collies are the smartest dogs in the world.  She also says that retrievers are the easiest to potty train and that yorkies are the hardest, so I guess size does matter in this instance.

My question for Mom was if Border Collies are so smart, why has there not been one to run for president.  Mom said that they are too smart to want the job.

This article is a part of our Potty Training Page.



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11 02 2009
Gary Prusakiewicz

i have a beagle 1 1/2 years old.hes been potty trained for a year now,no accidents,and the last couple of days he has pee and poop in the house , right after commimg in from out side.he lifts his leg and go,s on the furniture and poops in the middle of the living room,right in front of us.HELP.

13 02 2009


First, thanks for asking your question. The first question I have for you is whether your beagle is an intact male? Also, have you visited the Potty Training page from immediately below the header? Specifically, the article about a similar situation with a potty-trained, intact male. Take a look at the article and let me know if you need some more guidance to correct this TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE behavior from your beagle.


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