Spike Says: Watch Where You Place Their Crate

22 01 2009

Dogs are pack animals, so it is very important when you are placing their crates that you place them close together, if you have multiple dogs.  If you only have one dog, consider placing his crate close to a family member, so that he feels close to a loved one.  Also, you should purchase a CHEAP shower curtain liner to put underneath your their crate.  This will keep any accidents from getting all over your carpet or flooring.





2 responses

23 01 2009
Dr. Tammy Powley

I think crates are awful, but you have some good advice for those who use them.

23 01 2009

Why are crates awful? We used crate-training to potty train both of our dogs (to not potty in the house that is). Is it better to use force to train them instead? (that’s a rhetorical question).

Crates are like dens for doggies. Both mine go in their to sleep at night without being forced and theirs are placed next to each other.

What is so horrible about crates though? I am open to hearing.

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