Spike Says: Dogs Have Fingerprints Too (Kinda)

18 01 2009

Mom pulled this one out on us the other day. Tax and I were standing at the glass door to the backyard, watching some of the cats that roam the neighborhood, as well as a bunny who dared to enter our yard. We were unaware of the fact that she had just cleaned our noseprints off the glass. She came out of the kitchen when we were barking to tell them to vacate the yard immediately. Tax is very big on property rights, and if catches someone in our yard, he wants them gone FAST. I guess he got too close to the freshly cleaned glass door, and left a print. Mom said she was going to call CSI: Puppy Edition to find out which one of us did it. She told us, “A dog’s nose print is unique, like my fingerprints, and I will tell them to match the print you left to identify you.”  I have not seen them yet, but I have been on the look out for the CSI: Puppy Edition van to pull up in the driveway.

In case you have not heard, I recently got my PTD degree, so I know it was not me. (Btw, PTD stands for Pretty Terrific Doc).




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