Spike Says: Bed Bugs

16 01 2009

I heard that over 5 billion dust mites can be found in the average human bed.  I think I will continue to sleep in my crate!




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26 01 2009
Worried About Your Dog’s Sleeping Behavior? « Ask Spike Online

[…] Let’s assume for a second that your pup has become afraid of the bed.  Why is he afraid of the bed?  Who knows?  Maybe all of the layers are confusing, and he does not feel comfortable about what happens to him when you re-arrange the covers in the middle of the night.  There are two ways to handle his newfound fear.  You can coax him onto the bed with treats and kisses and sweet nothings in his ear.  What did you solve?  Nothing.  Your actions have reinforced his fear of the bed, because you had to persuade him to join you on it.  For the rest of his life, he could suffer from a very unnatural fear of all beds.  Maybe he is far smarter than you thin, and he read my article about bedbugs! […]

27 01 2009

I like your website! But I wanted to make sure you and your readers know that bed bugs and dust mites are two very different creatures.

Dust mites are microscopic and feed on dead skin cells. Everyone has them and the only problem is if you are allergic.

Bed bugs are up to 1/6″ long and feed on your blood as you sleep. They are a pest and you can’t just leave them be or vacuum (as with dust mites).

See: http://bedbugger.com/photos-of-bed-bugs-and-signs-of-bed-bugs/

(You may be interested to know, also, there are dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs!)

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