Spike Says: Check Out My Friends At PawLuxury

9 01 2009

pawlux-lolaLike many Americans, Mom and I have recently started shopping online, as neither of us wants to endure the horrors of the super, giant mega retail stores. We do not like the long lines, the lackluster customer service, or trying to locate our items in the maze of aisles. Luckily, most items are easily found on the Internet without the hassles of shopping in the store, but I continually find the offerings of the pet retail stores’ e-commerce sites to be lacking.

Recently, because of my involvement and associations on Twitter, I came across PawLuxury. Besides providing interesting content in their Twitter stream, the folks at PawLuxury run an eco-friendly dog product e-commerce site. Their products include everything you need for your dog, ranging from treats (YUM!) to dog apparel. I will leave the apparel to dogs like my brother, Tax. He likes to wear clothes while he chases balls, squirrels, or whatever he is fooling around with when he is outside. Currently, I am working on getting Mom to register so that I can just toss items that appeal to me in the shopping cart for Mom to buy. Don’t tell her, but I am planning on getting my own bank account and credit card once I strike it rich.

One of the best things about their site is the inclusion of their four-legged buddy, Lola.  She features prominently, as their resident product expert, personal shopper, endorser, and PTD (pretty terrific dog). It also helps that she is really cute. Maybe I can get her number the next time we send direct messages to one another on Twitter, and we can meet up one of these days. I may be “fixed,” but I can still appreciate female companionship.

In addition to a well-designed e-commerce website, they maintain a weblog that introduces their new products, provides readers with giveaway opportunities, and gives the added personality dimension to the site that you do not find many other places. If you have not checked out the PawLuxury site or their (and Lola’s) tweets, I strongly recommend that you do.

One last thing…  If you are interested in FREE stuff like I am, you will be enthused to find that you can enter a giveaway for some Polka Dog Bakery Holiday Treats by visiting their blog and following the instructions they give to enter.  The only caveat is that today is the last day to enter.  Do not fret, because they have giveaways often.



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