I Am Not Sure If This Is Safe, But It Sure Looks Fun

7 01 2009

I have never ridden in a motocycle’s sidecar, so I cannot recommend it.  Rose and her friend make this look like a lot of fun, and if it is anything like when I stick my head out of the window in Mom’s car, I am in!  Now, where can Ifind someone who rides a motorcycle?



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8 01 2009
Vance Blosser

I have put over 50,000 miles on sidecar rigs. None of my dogs would ride, but many of my friends dogs love it. It depends on the dog. If you are concerned about hopping/falling out an eyebolt can be mounted in the floor. I would suggest attaching that to a harness to prevent accidental choking in the event of canine panic!

It’s got to be safer than the dog riding perched on the bike.

9 01 2009

My dog has over 25,000 miles. There’s a windscreen on the front of our sidecar to protect him, although we take it off temporarily to do video.

It’s safe as long as the dog is protected but….I don’t know if I would do this with such a big dog and such a small sidecar. I hope they don’t intend to ride very far. He protrudes so far and is so vulnerable…even on sharp turns or stops he’s going to get injured.

If there’s an accident, it’s best to be thrown clear or get clear as quickly as possible, just like on a bike or car, and dogs can’t free themselves from restraint. My humble opinion is that if the dog wants out, maybe he shouldn’t be in 🙂 My dog has never tried to jump out, never once.

Van F and Bo

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