Spike’s Pack, January 2009 – Smokey Harden

1 01 2009


January 2009’s addition to Spike’s Pack is Smokey Harden.  Smokey is a king.  He lives in Henry County, Ga.  He likes to wait until his dad comes home, because he knows they are walking to the mail box.  He loves to be outside.  When his mom comes home it’s time for dinner!  While mom and dad are at work he takes care of the house.  If he gets the opportunity to get in the bedroom, he will destroy all of the pillows, for they are the enemy.  He loves to go to the beach and anywhere else he can.  He is fully house-trained.  Mom and Dad gave him a bell by the door, so he can ring when he needs to go potty, or if he just wants to go outside to play.  Recently, I got to hang out with Smokey’s new baby brother, Biscuit, whose pictures can be seen here and here.  He loves doggie treats, and on the weekend he gets bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Congratulations to all of the nominees this monthfor their nomination, as well as Smokey for a fine showing in the voting, securing his spot in Spike’s Pack as the addition for January 2009.



One response

3 01 2009

Congradulations Smokey from Jesse & me, maybe next month Jesse will be lucky enough to join you in the pack.

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