Spike Says: I Want Some Snow To Play Like This

24 12 2008

Where I live, we do not get a lot of snow, but I have always wanted to play in it like Bailey.  Looks like a GREAT time!

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!




One response

5 01 2009
Why Will My Dog Not Poop Outside In The Snow? « Ask Spike Online

[…] Some dogs really like this stuff, but I prefer to sit on a nice sofa inside my house and watch TV.  So, Dude sounds a lot like me.  Dude’s mom said that he is a rescue, and you can assume that he came from a neglectful family.  If that was the case, then the family probably was also very lazy.  Lazy enough that when the weather was cold and snow was on the ground, they just did not bother to let the dog out!  Dude learned from his past experience that when it snowed, it is OK to potty in the house.  With a past like he may have had, you do not know what consequences Dude may have suffered for either going potty in the house or asking to go out to potty.  This led to confusion on his part when he faces this situation. […]

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