UPDATED: Dog Beaten With Sledgehammer, Recovering – Local Story

3 12 2008

beaten-dog-tv-image2ND UPDATE: If you can, please donate to this dog.  His medical bills have surpassed $3000, with the potential to hit $6000.  The man who found Murphy, Robert Kennedy, has said that he will pay the vet bill, but donations are welcome and can be made at any Wachovia Bank branch in the name of Murphy the Dog at any Wachovia back branch, account trust fund number 1010209642669.  VCA Pets Are People Too is helping coordinate donations for that fund in as well.  Their phone number is (770) 452-1001.  Their address is 4280 N Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, Georgia 30341, United States.  On a very happy note, Murphy is up and around, walking and coming to people when he is called.  They are concerned about whether he will be eating and if he can keep down any food he may eat.

joseph-waters1ST UPDATE:  The owner of the dog, Joseph Waters, was arrested Wednesday afternoon, based on a tip received by DeKalb County Authorities, and has been charged with one count of felony animal cruelty.  Murphy made it through the surgery  to repair the damage to his skull and remove his left eye.

Watching the news today with Mom, we saw this story about a dog beaten with a sledgehammer found nearby and left for dead in the Atlanta area’s Candler Park. Lucky for him, a neighbor to the park, Robert Kennedy was walking through the park and found him before his injuries ended his life. He was rushed to a nearby animal hospital, where they have been treating him. Mom says he is in PICU (Puppy Intensive Care Unit).

When he was interviewed by the news, Robert Kennedy stated that he found the dog wrapped in a blanket with the sledgehammer nearby. He rushed the dog to VCA Pets are People Too, where they found that he had a fractured skull and a badly damaged left eye. The likelihood for recovery is good, according to Dr. Stephen Pope, who also said that the damaged eye would likely be lost.  {UPDATE: Murphy did lose his left eye in surgery on Wednesday.}



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3 12 2008

God Bless Murphy & speed his recovery and though cruel it may sound I think the guy who did this should be beaten with a sledgehammer.

3 12 2008

It broke my heart when I heard this story on the radio…who could do something like that to an animal

4 12 2008

Donations can be made at any Wachovia Bank branch in the name of Murphy the Dog.
Wachovia account trust fund number is 1010209642669.
VCA Pets Are People Too is helping coordinate donations for that fund in the meantime. Their number is (770) 452-1001.
Address: 4280 N Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, DeKalb, Georgia 30341, United States

I called Wachovia to make the donation. They did not know about the situation. I found an account number on the internet that someone posted about this incident, but I wasn’t sure if it was legit since some scam artist could take advantage of this situation. The customer service rep said that it IS the account in the name of Murphy the dog and she saw people are making donations to it, so it’s not a scam. Verify name on the account before donating though.

4 12 2008
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4 12 2008

Why would someone harm a helpless animal is beyond me.

5 12 2008

I get so angry when I hear stories about people doing things like that to animals.
I agree with Truckindog, an eye for an eye. Lets hope he recovers and finds a good home.

6 12 2008

Anyone who would do something like this to a dog needs to have their head examined. This Joseph Waters psycho should get some serious help. He’s an absolute waste of skin and bones. Wish I could find him yet tonight and see how he likes to be beat in the head with a sledgehammer. Worthless punk.

8 12 2008

If anyone would like to write Mr. Waters a note expressing their disgust his address is:

1469 Brawley Circle NE Atlanta, GA 30319

8 12 2008

I am very happy to hear the dog is doing better.

As for Mr. Waters… thanks for the address.

12 12 2008

just because an account is opened in a dog’s name and people donate to it doesn’t make it legit.

12 12 2008

The account opened at Wachovia is a legit one. I did my research before publishing the info.

12 12 2008
Dog Lover

Give me a sledgehammer and the f*ckstick who beat him. I’ll have no problem administering the payback for the dog. Anyone who does this to man or beast is a f*cking coward.

13 12 2008

I like to believe that there’s a special place in hell for people who would do this to an innocent animal.

13 12 2008

Kennedy is a hero! I wish that precious Murphy gets a good home.

Writing a note would be too easy for Waters. We, America, need harsher punishments for fuck-ups like this.

13 12 2008

To Trukindog-
You’re right, “the guy who did this should be beaten with a sledgehammer.” Because he downright deserves it & needs a taste of his own medicine! 😡

14 12 2008
Jim Hall

Yea for the good Samaratin who help this poor dog. And thank goodness that the dog will live.

As for the j*ck*ss who did this…

20 02 2009
Animals Angel

Joseph Waters!!! You are a complete and utter COWARD!!!! Exactly just how INSECURE are you as a man to have to do that to an innocent dog!??? I’m 5Ft 1inch tall and only weigh 58kgs but I know I could get you down with one hit you PATHETIC F***TARD!!!! You’re a disgrace to humanity and manhood… I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the big guys get you in the shower in JAIL!! LMAO!! A**HOLE!

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