Spike’s Pack, December 2008 – Richie & Oscar Shackelford

2 12 2008


December 2008’s additions to Spike’s Pack are Richie and Oscar Shackelford.  Richie is an American Bulldog/Pit Bull Mix, Oscar is a boxer/American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  They live in Woodstock, Ga with their Mom, Dad, and 2 sisters that are cats (Maddie and Reese).  Oscar is a very well behaved dog who thinks he is a person!  He has even convinced his parents of it too.  He has a great personality, and he does not think he should have to do “dog things.”  He is spoiled rotten, but his home is a very loving one.  He is a big fan of car rides, especially when he gets to stick his head of the sunroof to get the wind blowing through his ears and to look around without being bothered to find a window.  He also enjoys trips to the park, where he sniffs EVERYTHING he can find outside, chewing on bones and doing all his tricks to show off to the other dogs.  Oscar is the youngest entry ever to Spike’s Pack, at only 6 months old.  Mom and Dad were sold immediately upon lying their eyes on him.  They took him home, and it has been a wonderful match ever since.  One of the best parts of his life is getting to play with his big brother, Richie.  Not only are they brothers, they are best friends.  Among his favorite activities is his time spent chasing his sisters, the cats, around and around the house.  He also loves to go for long walks, play outside with toys and with Mom, Dad and Richie, chew his bones and learn how to perform new tricks.  When he is inside, he LOVES to sneak into the bathroom, unroll the toilet paper, and pull it out as far as he can before anyone notices.  He has the cutest personality and acts like a person, just like his big brother.  As you can see, he has a tendency to be lazy.  His favorite spot in the house is the couch, where he takes his naps and snores really loud, but Mom and Dad love him anyway…

Congratulations to Richie and Oscar for a fine showing in the voting, securing their spots in Spike’s Pack as the additions for December 2008.



2 responses

2 12 2008
Janet Roper

Some good additions to your pack, Spike!

4 12 2008
Richie and Oscar

Thanks for voting for us to join Spikes pack. Now we can be there with our friend Lucy! We are excited about it all!

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