Spike’s Pack – December’s Nominees

24 11 2008

First, I would like to congratulate all of the following dogs for their nomination to join Spike’s Pack.  They were able to send in their pictures and profiles (or get their humans to do it for them) for consideration.

Nominee #1 – Rocky Florey

Rocky is a Bull Arab from Australia, and he wrote his own biography.  I first came to live with Mum & Dad when I was 8 months old.  I had been living in a suburban back yard, and I was very bored. I never went out, and spent my days chewing up flower pots and digging up the yard.  At first, I was terrified when Mum & Dad picked me up and put me in the back of the “kennel-on-wheels” because it was only the second time I had ever been in one. When we got to his my home, I did not know how to go up the steps and into the house.

spikes-pack-rockyWithin the first 2 weeks I:

* Tore up the linoleum in the kitchen
* Chewed the telephone line
* Demolished every potted plant he could find
* Tried to bite Mum

Mum told Dad that I needed training, or I had to go. That was when we were lucky enough to find a wonderful trainer called Jo.  Since then I have been through Basic, Intermediate & Advanced training, and I am a “new” dog.  Mum & Dad have learned how to make me understand what they want, and I am much happier now that I am in the know. I can heel, sit, drop, stand, wait, roll over to be checked and come when I am called. Two years ago, I was allowed to walk off-lead in a local Parade.  I don’t know who was proudest, me, Mum, Dad or Jo.  Now I enjoy rides in the “kennel-on-wheels”, playing ball, going on holidays and having a swim, going back to school occasionally for a bit of socializing and sleeping on the couch by the fire.spikes-pack-richie-shackelford

Nominee #2 – Richie Shackelford

Richie is an American Bulldog/Pit Bull Mix.  He lives in Woodstock, Ga with his Mom and Dad, his brother, Oscar (who is also nominated), and 2 sisters that are cats (Maddie and Reese).  He is 4 years old.  He is a very well behaved dog who thinks he is a person!  He has even convinced his parents of it too.  He has a great personality, and he does not think he should have to do “dog things.”  He is spoiled rotten, but his home is a very loving one.  He is a big fan of car rides, especially when he gets to stick his head of the sunroof to get the wind blowing through his ears and to look around without being bothered to find a window.  He also enjoys trips to the park, where he sniffs EVERYTHING he can find outside, chewing on bones and doing all his tricks to show off to the other dogs.

You can vote for Richie by himself, or you can use the joint nomination to vote for both Richie and Oscar together.

Nominee #3 – Smokey Hardenspikes-pack-smokey-harden

Smokey is a king.  He lives in Henry County, Ga.  He likes to wait until his dad comes home, because he knows they are walking to the mail box.  He loves to be outside.  When his mom comes home it’s time for dinner!  While mom and dad are at work he takes care of the house.  If he gets the opportunity to get in the bedroom, he will destroy all of the pillows, for they are the enemy.  He loves to go to the beach and anywhere else he can.  He is fully house-trained.  Mom and Dad gave him a bell by the door, so he can ring when he needs to go potty, or if he just wants to go outside to play.

He loves doggie treats, and on the weekend he gets bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Nominee #4 – Oscar Shackelford

spikes-pack-oscar-shackelfordOscar is a boxer/American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  He is our youngest entry, at only 6 months old.  Mom and Dad were sold immediately upon lying their eyes on him.  They took him home, and it has been a wonderful match ever since.  One of the best parts of his life is getting to play with his big brother, Richie.  Not only are they brothers, they are best friends.  Among his favorite activities is his time spent chasing his sisters, the cats, around and around the house.  He also loves to go for long walks, play outside with toys and with Mom, Dad and Richie, chew his bones and learn how to perform new tricks.  When he is inside, he LOVES to sneak into the bathroom, unroll the toilet paper, and pull it out as far as he can before anyone notices.  He has the cutest personality and acts like a person, just like his big brother.  As you can see, he has a tendency to be lazy.  His favorite spot in the house is the couch, where he takes his naps and snores really loud, but Mom and Dad love him anyway…

You can vote for Oscar by himself, or you can use the joint nomination to vote for both Richie and Oscar together.

Again, congratulations to everyone for being nominated.  Don’t worry if your favorite pet does not win the December vote, because all nominees will be included in future votes as well.  Once nominated, potential packmates will not be forsaken, as I want to grow my pack to its full potential.

Feel free to spread the word about your choice and vote as often as you would like.  We will announce the winner December 1st.  Good luck to all of the nominees, their friends and family.

Get your vote on!



9 responses

24 11 2008

Looks like I’ve got some serious competition. There are some good looking dogs in the running.
I’ll be chewing my dew claws until the end of the month.


24 11 2008

Mum’s so busy clicking she said we won’t have time to go out and play ball.



25 11 2008

Wow! Richie & Oscar you are so popular, I’m tempted to lie down and roll over.


25 11 2008

Don’t give up yet, Rocky. You and Smokey are well on your way to a comeback. Maybe you need to put up signs at the dog park.

26 11 2008

Spike ya sure got a great place here, I’m gonna have to look around and figure out how to nominate my boy Jesse.
Till then if anyone wants a peak at Jesse you can see him in todays post on my blog.


I hope it’s OK to give Jesse a little advanced publicity.

26 11 2008


To nominate Jesse, e-mail me a picture and a bio like one of the ones above.

That’s it.

27 11 2008

Good luck Smokey. i have withdrawn but I’m watching you close the gap.

What’s your secret Richie & Oscar?


28 11 2008

I wanna be in Spike’s Pack!

3 12 2008


Go Rocky

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