Dogs Will Fight

16 11 2008

dogfightDon’t act surprised, because people fight too.  Naturally, dogs don’t worry about the same things as people, and they fight about different things than people do. Thank Goodness!

It is an ugly thing to see a fight between dogs.  Obviously, the best way to avoid a dog fight is to stay away from situations where a dog fight is likely to occur.  Unfortunately, avoidance is not always possible though. So, here are my tips should you find yourself in a situation where a dog fight is likely or occurring.

As with all animals, we have their own language, and we do not just bark or growl because we like to hear ourselves bark or growl.  There is meaning to each and every noise.  Any person who finds themselves coming in contact with dogs would be well served to take a course on understanding the noises of our language.  If you learn to accurately interpret canine language, then you may be able to stop a dog fight before it gets ugly.

Personally, I am not a fighter, because I am a lover…  A lover of freeze-dried liver treats, that is.  However, given the right set of circumstances, I will fight another dog.

If you have a male dog, it is advisable to neuter him, as this will greatly reduce the likelihood of aggressiveness on his part.  Of course, I can not say enough about making sure your dog is a trained dog.  Always be aware and careful at dog parks, especially the off-leash ones.  Remember, without a leash, you have no control!  It is also very important not to allow your dog to roam the neighborhood unsupervised and off leash.  This just invites trouble.

If you live in a coastal area like Florida, chances are you have already educated yourself in hurricane preparations.  Likewise, if you own a dog, then you must know what to do in case of a dog fight, especially one where your pet is involved.

First things first, do not rush in and grab your dog.  You are likely to be bitten by either dog, even your own friend.  I recommend carrying a walking stick on your walks. This is not for you to use to hit any dog with a stick, as a hurt dog will attack even more or turn his attention toward you.  If you and your pet are attacked, try use the stick, by inserting it in one of the dog’s mouths.  The key is to find something nearby that can be forced between the two fighting dogs. Remember, never use yourself as the barrier between two fighting dogs.

Sometimes an altercation may not escalate into a full-blown fight.  There are times when dogs meet and growl at each other.  Usually, they are taking an opportunity to size each other up.  When sizing them up, they may snap at each other, especially in the scruff area (back of the neck), but they do not injure each other, as they are just showing the other their power.  If they are biting each other elsewhere, holding their jaws’ grip and shaking their heads, then you have a pretty serious fight going on.

I have heard that some people advise that it would be useful to yell at an attacking dog while staring at him or her in a threatening manner.  They also suggest to raise their arms as if they had a stick and were about to strike.  It is thought that this may scare away the attacking dog.

I do not advise this for dog owners with little or no experience.  It is quite likely that the attacking dog may perceive any of these actions as a challenge and turn their attention to you.

So, what to do about dog fights? Learn canine communication and avoid them, but if they do occur use an object to separate the fighting dogs.   Remember, most dog cannot read and write in order to learn, so you may need to teach them what you have learned.  Not every dog is as exceptional as me!




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16 11 2008
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