Beware Of The Following Lost Pet Scam

13 11 2008

lostdogTo an animal lover, there are few things that can be worse than losing your pet.  It is a difficult enough situation when a pet dies, but when they are lost or missing, it can be agony not knowing if your pet is cared for properly.

Enter a new breed of inhumanity.  There is a prevalent scam purported by a despicable scam artist that preys on people who are suffering the heartbreak of a missing pet.  This scam has been brought to light from Forsyth County, North Carolina.

Apparently, unscrupulous con artists are digging through newspapers and hunting for signs and posters of a lost pet.  They will use the contact information for the pet owner and call them, claiming to have found the missing pet.  As you would expect, the pet’s owner is relieved to know that his missing pet has been found.

Now, here comes the scam.  The “finders” want a reward from the owners for the lost pet.  Sometimes, they want to meet you in a public place to exchange the reward money for the pet.  They will tell you that your pet is in their car, and they will return him to you as soon as you give them the agreed upon reward.  As soon as they get the money, they completely disappear, leaving the pet owner in disbelief and out the money.

I have a few things to say to those monsters that are so low that they could stoop to this level.  Obviously, you have no morals, no pity, absolutely no goodness in your entire being.   All the good things you have ever done can never makeup for this disgusting act.   You can certainly count yourself among the worst of humans.  May I be the first to congratulate you and wish you a long-suffering, violent death!

Now you may tell everyone that you have officially been told off by a dog!

Please check out these resources for some good tips in advertising for a lost pet.




One response

19 01 2009
R. Hunt

Someone has to hear. Someone has to care? Apparently people need help feeding & caring for their pets. The numbers are increasing of those neglected, lost, abandoned. I SEE IT!! almost everyday.
I write & write & write on the internet about what is happening. I tell & speak & tell EVERYONE what i know, what we’ve seen & they shrug it of or even give me strange looks. Dogs, cats everywhere behind buildings, in store parking lots, lying in the grass at my church, i notice them in surrounding fields, at the library, Walmart p. lot, YOU NAME IT, begging for attention, for food, for their lives.
Sunday night I woke to the sound of barking dogs. My 2 dogs were going crazy because
they sensed something outside. When i looked i found 8-10 maybe more dogs, of all sizes barking & running all about the yard. I live in Live Oak, North Central Florida, & my nearest neighbor is 1 acres away. I hope we didn’t wake them because the noise was LOUD at 2 am ! These dogs had overturned my garbage, were hungry, lost & alone. I thought to myself, how sad BUT I can’t feed 8 more dogs, we are struggling to pay our bills, with the price of food, electric, insurances, taxes etc. I had to make them leave but how? Well, this took 3 hours ! before the silence came. I tried to shoo them off to no avail. They were wagging their tails one minute & fighting each other the next. My babies were shut inside safe from the fight. I finally got a cooking pot & a spoon & started banging & shooed them off. Talk about loud. They still didn’t leave until 5 am, i guess they found little food & left. I thought to myself it is bad enough in public to see neglect, but now this is following me home!They have returned every night for 8 nights and when I told the Local Animal Shelter they told me I HAD to trap them because they do not work at nights !!!! I remember my father telling me stories of abandoned strays during the Depression of the 1930’s. because people couldn’t take care of their pets. He told me on the streets of Dayton, Ohio people & dogs were fighting over food from garbage cans! With all the advances & technologies we have today, does history have to repeat itself with people & pets doing without? SOMEONE has to help the people in need with the means to feed their pets so they are not abandoned or left to stray! I know there are sooo many “people problems” to fix today but before this ECONOMY CRUNCH just 1 yr ago SO much was in the media as to how PETS are so beneficial to their masters well being & now here we are without the means to care for them & no one seems to care? Mine will NOT stray, God willing, but the numbers of hungry, neglected strays are increasing…. I feel for them & love them all…but can not take on any more. I hope the strays don’t return tonight, we need our rest! I know at least 10 families who have over 6 or more dogs EACH ALL STRAYS! because we all own 1+ acres & thought we can take care of our own & struggling now w/ VET VISITS, FOOD everything including our needs!Hey if anyone wants a THOROUGHBRED dog DON”T pay for one there are literally 100’s here in Live Oak FLORIDA in desperate need of homes! Labs, Shepard’s, Pit bulls, Dachshunds, Huskies, YOU NAME IT!!!! OH and I DIDN”T even tell U what I see & know about cats, kittens abandoned everywhereeeee! With this economy people are shunning their pets to live on the streets in EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS! I will not rest until someone hears & HELPS! God save these neglected, underprivileged children. Seemingly so alone in this LOST IN THE SUNSHINE (ha) STATE

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