Spike Says: Buy A Better Food

7 11 2008

For your dog’s best health, try feeding him a high quality dry dog food.  These foods contain fewer fillers than the no-name generic foods.  Fewer fillers means less waste.  Choose one that will appeal to your dog and not you.  Try one without special shapes or colors.  Food that is the same color (preferably a naturally occurring brown like the photo below) is going to sit well with your dog.

A win for your dog, and a win for you too.




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9 12 2008
What Kind Of Food Should Your Dog Eat? «

[…] it is a question that can be argued about til the end of time.  You may recall a Spike Says where I made some broad suggestions.  The only thing I can say for sure is that it should not come from your table.  As far as dog […]

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